Why Exercise Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

National Institutes of Health: “Physical activity and motor ability associated with better cognition in older adults, even with dementia.”

Wendy Suzuki, professor of neuroscience and psychology, New York University Center for Neural Science.

Neurology: “Midlife cardiovascular fitness and dementia: A 44-year longitudinal population study in women.”

The New York Times: “Move Your Body, Bolster Your Brain.”

Cambridge University: “Semantic Memory Activation After Acute Exercise in Healthy Older Adults.”

World Health Organization, Fact sheets: “Dementia,” “Physical activity.”

CDC: “Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias.”

Alzheimer’s Association: “10 Ways to Love Your Brain.”

Martin Pazzani, founder and chairman, Activate Brain and Body Inc.

Marie Stoner, clinical psychologist; director of programming and co-founder, Activate Brain and Body Inc.

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