What happened to Nitro Pepsi? ‘Stay tuned,’ says PepsiCo

In an emailed statement to FoodNavigator-USA, PepsiCo said, “We continue to refine Nitro Pepsi and put the finishing touches on our roll out plans. We’re excited to bring this unique experience to our fans and nitro enthusiasts – stay tuned!”

The company did not provide any details on when Nitro Pepsi was originally supposed to launch, nor if it had an estimated future target launch date in mind. 

However, the beverage did make an appearance at 2019’s Super Bowl held in Atlanta, Georgia, where a select audience got to sample two versions (Nitro Pepsi and Nitro Pepsi Vanilla). A source familiar with the matter also told FoodNavigator-USA that while not widely-publicized, Pepsi Nitro is in very limited distribution at some foodservice outlets and retail, but couldn’t provide any more details.

Commenting on the source of the delay of Nitro Pepsi, Howard Telford, head of soft drinks research at Euromonitor, told FoodNavigator-USA: “I know the plan was to focus on foodservice for the launch. If the product was ready for distribution in 2020, I strongly suspect those plans would have been shelved anyway, along with almost everything else related to on-trade NPD due to the pandemic.”

The postponed launch of Nitro Pepsi hasn’t stopped PepsiCo from bringing other nitrogen-infused products to market, however. Through its North American Coffee Partnership (NACP) with Starbucks, PepsiCo launched an RTD Nitro Cold Brew coffee product in late February 2020.

Nitrogen-infusion crosses categories

Many beverage brands spanning different categories have experimented with nitrogen-infusion in recent years, which has been already widely implemented in coffee drinks and beer (most well-known perhaps in Guinness beer).

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