‘We will launch… new dairy-like technology’: Danone eyes ‘plant-based 2.0’

Danone returned to growth in the second quarter of this year, booking an increase in like-for-like sales of 6.6%. Much of the rebound can be attributed to the lapping of soft comparisons for the group’s waters business, which was battered by COVID lockdowns last year but has been lifted by the slow easing of restrictions.

Alongside an improved water performance, Danone’s Essential Dairy and Plant-based (EDP) unit saw LFL sales increase 4.8%, led by the company’s priority areas of probiotics, protein and plant-based. Indeed, Danone’s plant-based brands continued to prove a stand-out performer for the company.

“Plant-based continued to be a bright spot, delivering its sixth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, growing plus 12% in the quarter,”​ Interim Co-CEO Véronique Penchienati-Bosetta revealed.

Danone’s growth strategy in plant-based focuses on three key pillars: strengthening its core business, expanding in adjacencies and developing the next generation of ‘milk-like’ plant based products – or as fellow Interim Co-CEO Shane Grant termed it ‘plant-based 2.0’.

Strengthening the core: Alpro and Silk

In order to support the development of its core plant-based brands, Alpro in Europe and Silk in the US, Danone is investing in ‘product differentiation, communication, innovation’, Grant explained during a conference call.

In the US, for instance, the company launched a new Silk Almond ‘Milk of the Land’ campaign, with innovation Grant said ‘blurs the taste and texture experience of almond versus oats with extra creamyalmond’.

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