‘We changed the entire identity of our product,’ says CEO

Looking back to 2016​, the consumer may not instantly recognize the sports- and performance-fueled branding of ROAR Organic (ROAR Beverages at the time) which included Marvel superhero-themed line extensions and partnerships with pro-athletes.

The beverage company was seeking to carve out a spot for a plant-based variety of sports drink, touting electrolytes from coconut water in a variety of fruit-forward flavors.

The brand pivoted pretty quickly in its first year with an updated brand identity that felt more like “Lululemon in a bottle”​ and targeted active, health-conscious millennials that were eschewing traditional sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade in favor of a coconut-water based alternative with less sugar and added vitamins.

“Where ROAR had been up until a year ago was a sports drink for women, but not a Gatorade in the sense that it was no longer this pro athlete, male-driven kind of brand,”​ said Alex Galindez, who took over as CEO in November 2020, succeeding Bart Silvestro.

Galindez first connected with the ROAR brand through the company’s primary investor, Factory LLC. From the get-go, she felt the brand could use more fine-tuning and a refreshed perspective on the needs and wants of its core consumer.

Galindez – who in her 20-year career in the beverage industry has worked at Red Bull, vitaminwater, and Runa, where she was CEO –  knew her first order of business was to understand what motivated current consumers to buy ROAR, and thus led targeted consumer insights research of 250 category and brand buyers.

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