‘Time is running out for the world to act on water’

The company said this ambition would make it among the most water-efficient food and beverage manufacturers operating in high-risk watersheds.

PepsiCo will reduce the amount of water used in its operations through ‘operational best-in-class’ or ‘world-class’ water use efficiency standards. The company has said all company owned, bottler and franchisee sites in high-risk watersheds should deliver best-in-class water use of 1.2 litres of water per litre of beverage or 0.4 litres per kilogram of food. For all others, PepsiCo has set a new goal to achieve ‘world-class’ water use efficiency, amounting to 1.4 litres of water per litre of beverage or 4.4 litres of water per kilogram of food. These standards were set based on internal peer analysis, the company revealed.

The strategy will cover more than 1,000 PepsiCo-owned and third-party facilities, nearly half of which are located in high-risk watersheds.

Raising the efficiency standard at company-owned sites in high-risk watersheds alone will allow PepsiCo to avoid using more than 11 billion litres of water a year, a 50% reduction in the amount of water the company uses at these sites.

PepsiCo also aims to adopt the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard in all high-water risk areas where it operates by 2025.

Bringing safe water to Sub-Saharan Africa

PepsiCo’s net water positive vision also looks to deliver safe water access to 100 million people by 2030.

Alongside its water efficiency drive, The PepsiCo Foundation unveiled a new US$1m program with WaterAid to bring safe water to families in Sub-Saharan Africa. The initiative will help improve water infrastructure, build new water supply systems and equitable sanitation facilities, and promote hygiene education, the company said.

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