The Good Crisp Company launches immunity-boosting cheese ball snacks

Inspiration for The Good Crisp Company came from founder and CEO, Matt Parry, who was following a strict Low-FODMAP diet to pinpoint what his food sensitivities were. As the father of three young girls as well, he realized that the market need for better-for-you packaged snacks that were gluten-free (made from yellow cornmeal), non-GMO, and free from the top eight allergens, as well as artificial flavors, was continuing to grow.

“I first really wanted to develop a canister chip that they would be happy to eat, and I would feel guilt free giving them,”​ he said. 

The Good Crisp Company launched in the US with its canister chips five years ago (seven years ago in its first market of Australia) – a ‘better-for-you Pringles’ essentially, said Parry – which is now sold in over 11,000 stores nationwide. 

Parry, who had grown used to an elimination diet, turned his thinking around during the development process of the brand’s second product, cheese balls.

“COVID re-directed my thoughts and got me to think about, what are some of the things that we can put back into this product instead of just taking stuff out?,” ​he said. 

A recommendation from the brand’s seasoning supplier turned Parry onto Wellmune​, a yeast beta glucan manufactured by ingredient supplier Kerry that helps to support overall immune health with very minimal impact to the taste, flavor, and texture of the product.

“It ​[Wellmune] attaches on to neutrophils​ (a type of white blood cell which plays a key role in the body’s immune defense) and supercharges them essentially, and helps them do their job… It’s helping your immune system be better at what it does,”​ said Parry. 

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