‘The competition is incredible…’ Planterra Foods (JBS) moves into the frozen aisle with OZO as plant-based meat category heats up

CEO Darcey Macken – who worked in senior management roles at Kellogg and Noosa Yoghurt before taking the helm at Planterra​ in October 2019 – said competition in the plant-based meat category has heated up significantly in the past 12-18 months, as a flurry of established and new players have attempted to get a slice of the action.

The competition is incredible. When we hear from buyers how many brands are presenting to them, it is astonishing, and because of covid, now there’s a backlog of products to decide between, so we’ve invested quite a bit in consumer insights to help buyers understand this category, whether it’s on flavor profiles, consumer segmentation, or shopping patterns.”

Frozen vs fresh

While much of the media attention has focused on new dedicated plant-based meat sets that now sit within the fresh meat case at several top retailers, the frozen set also has potential, said Macken.

The number one question we were getting when we launched was, do you fully believe these products should be fresh, and we said of course absolutely, because we’re building awareness, and that’s where the traffic is, and where we knew we could convert some people or pique their interest, as most people are going to the meat aisle.

“However, we also want to increase real estate as well as buyer contact within the store, and we know that people are finally paying attention to the frozen aisle ​[a big winner during the pandemic] now​.”

Planterra Foods has just launched frozen plant-based breakfast sausages, smokehouse burgers, meatballs, chicken nuggets and patties. Pic credits: Planterra Foods

‘I don’t believe most shoppers are walking into the store, saying, I have to go buy plant based meat…’

When it comes to plant-based sets in the fresh meat case, retailers recognize that they need to be there from a strategic perspective, although fresh plant-based meat doesn’t deliver the kind of turns or profitability as regular fresh meat, she said.

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