Target highlights early allergen introduction in special set with SpoonfulONE

As an emerging category, many of the products in the space have been available primarily through online retailers and direct-to-consumer, and they rely on pediatrician recommendations, but predominate positioning in brick and mortar stores, like Target, will help reach and educate more caregivers about safe and routine allergen feeding, according to SpoonfulONE, which is among the allergen introduction brands launching in Target’s new set this month.

Zoe Glade, vice president and head of marketing at SpoonfulONE, explains Target’s creation of a dedicate set for early allergen introduction products and the inclusion of SpoonfulONE’s mix-ins, puffs and crackers, featuring 16 foods that make up 90% of food allergies, is the first step in a children’s food “revolution.”

“When you walk down the aisles at Target or any grocery store right now, what you see are products devoid of allergens. It is free-from: gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free – all the frees. And that’s actually doing the reverse of what we want. So, think of SpoonfulONE as almost the antithesis of that, and really helping brands understand that you have to start to include these foods in your pouches, in your puffs,”​ Glade said.

She added that her hope is in five to ten years, retailers will feature a broader range of products including puffs with and without peanuts so that children are exposed to different foods and can ultimately eat whatever they want as they age.

Glade explains that that food allergies in children have doubled in the past generation from 1999 to 2018 in part because many caregivers, following outdated guidance, delayed introducing to children potential allergens.

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