SnackMagic’s Snack Drop offers inexpensive sampling, data analytics to help emerging brands test innovations, understand consumers

For as little as $1,000 plus the costs of samples, brands can feature their products on Snack Drop, which is an offshoot of the build-your-own gift box platform SnackMagic​, where registered consumers deemed “SnackMagic tastemakers” can build a $60 box of goods for only $15. This creates a win-win proposition  for brands and consumers in that it is a low-barrier for testing and low-stakes for initial trial.

Products that perform well on Snack Drop can go on to be featured on SnackMagic’s rotating treating menu for build-your-own snack box gifts – which not only brings expanded distribution and reach, but also will generate wholesale purchase orders and open promotional opportunities.

As explained in this episode of FoodNavigator-USA’s Investing in the Future of Food​, Snack Drop is about empowering brands and consumers to experiment in order to drive innovation and ultimately raise the quality of available food and beverages on the market.

‘We want to be there for these young emerging brands’

Recognizing the sampling is expensive and that the pandemic put in-person sampling on hold, SnackMagic CEO and founder Shaunak Amin wanted to give brands another way to reach consumers, test innovations and gather feedback that wouldn’t break budgets.

So, he created Snack Drop – a platform where for as little as $1 and a minimum offering of 1,000 samples, brands can include their products in snack boxes that consumers create and have delivered to their doors.

“Our whole MO has been we want to be there for these young emerging brands and we want to overall increase the rate of experimentation. If we give these brands a platform for experimentation, we’re going to get that more innovation”​ that can be featured on SnackMagic – making it a more desirable consumer destination.

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