Redefine Meat hails 3D printing technology as it unveils new product range

The range, developed with feedback from leading chefs and butchers in Europe, includes a premium restaurant-style burger; an artisan sausage; a meaty puff pastry cigar designed with the hospitality industry in mind; a ‘versatile’ ground beef developed for high-quality restaurants and open flame grilling; and a lamb kebab developed for over two years ‘in stealth mode’. 

Redefine Meat will extend the rollout of its first ‘New-Meat’ product range to Europe, with the US and Asia expected in 2022. The company also revealed that it will launch its first whole cut range later this year, following pilot-testing success.

“Each product in the range and the ones to follow are born from our understanding of meat at the molecular level, extensive R&D and technological innovation, which combined provides us the ability to create any meat product that exists today,”​ said Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and Co-Founder of Redefine Meat. “This has been critical to achieving a superiority in taste that honestly, we did not even expect, and the technological versatility to do what no other has done – replace every part of the cow with tasty plant-based meat.”

Redefine Meat recently secured $29 million in funding. It is also currently finalizing production of a first-of-its-kind large-scale factory housing both meat pilot-lines and Redefine Meat’s industrial-scale 3D Printers, which will produce New-Meat at scale to the Israeli market and beyond.

In July 2019, Redefine Meat unveiled what it called the world’s first plant-based steak produced using industrial digital manufacturing of plant-based ingredients. The firm says it uses soy and pea protein, as well as some other ‘standard plant-based ingredients’.

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