QVC, live-streaming help brands drive discovery, trial among at-home shoppers

As it becomes safer to venture out of home and shop in store, live stream and home shopping still holds significant appeal, as illustrated by retail analytics firm Coresight Research’s sales projection. It estimates that live-stream shopping events generated roughly $5.6bn in sales last year across categories, and is projected to grow to a whopping $26bn by 2023 – in part because the channel offers convenience and operates as a guided treasure hunt that makes discovery easier.

But with so many streaming services, entertainment options and increasing in-person shopping options, capturing and keeping consumers’ attention requires finesse and generating the high-level sales volume demanded by the channel takes a lot of legwork before and after airing.

To find out what it takes to succeed in this fast-paced channel, this episode of FoodNavigator-USA’s Soup To Nuts podcas​t features stories and advice from three food and beverage brands recently featured on the home shopping channel QVC, including RightRice founder and CEO Keith Belling, Rind Snacks founder and CEO Matt Weiss, and Otamot Foods founder Andrew Suzuka.

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QVC is a “really powerful platform to demonstrate what makes a product special”

Once reserved for only high-end, niche brands or played for background noise on television sets of baby boomers and their parents, home shopping shows and livestreams are gaining new traction among consumers as they deliver an attractive combination of multi-media entertainment, interactivity, convenience and safety in an era of social distancing.

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