Protera prepares to bring diverse, clean-label & sustainable proteins to market with $10m series A fundraise

The fundraise, led by European life sciences venture capital firm Safoinnova Partners with contribution from baked goods giant Bimbo Group and the agtech startup accelerator ICL Planet, also will help Protera​ hire computational biology and artificial intelligence experts to strengthen its platform of deep learning algorithms that calculates in seconds millions of amino acid combinations and protein patterns to serve as the foundation for identifying and creating earth-friendly ingredients.

By building out the capabilities of its proprietary madi Natural Intelligence platform, Protera hopes to work with key food and beverage manufacturers and industry players to create at “unprecedented speed” ​high-value protein products and enzymes that are heathier for people and the planet.

“We started with the vision of bringing newer technologies – specifically artificial intelligence – to improve and accelerate prediction of protein functionalities and different features of proteins”​ that could be more sustainably produced through fermentation and replace existing ingredients that consumers don’t want and which are taking an outsized toll on the planet, said CEO and co-founder of Protera Leonardo Álvarez.

He explained that by using Protera’s madi Natural Intelligence technology, the company can predict multiple features of proteins – including structure, amino acid sequences, emulsification properties and different activities, such as pH sensibility, thermal stability and more. It can also predict how to produce desirable proteins in microorganisms at scale in a commercially viable way through fermentation – ultimately creating clean-label non-animal ingredients that consumers increasingly want.

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