kApex – Keto Supplement – Energy Pills – Contains Digestive Enzymes and 7-Keto DHEA – Increases Metabolism – Breaks Down Fats – 120 Capsules


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matt gallant wade lightheart
matt gallant wade lightheart

Our Story

The founders of BiOptimizers, Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant, had been friends for years and bonded over their passion for health and fitness. They were both some of the top personal trainers at World’s Gym in Vancouver, Canada. Matt was also a successful online entrepreneur. He felt that Wade was very marketable as he was a 3-time natural bodybuilding champion and did it as a vegetarian. They decided to work together and launched several products which became a hit.

Over the years, they went from having a passion for bodybuilding to having a desire to help others achieve a biologically optimized state of health. For this reason, they rebranded to BiOptimizers in 2014. The goal of the company is simple: to fix and optimize digestion so that humans can have more energy, feel great, and live a better life.

wade lightheart
wade lightheart

Our Experience, Research, & Innovation

As a former bodybuilder, Wade went through years of training and dieting. But, they had taken their toll and he was burnt to a crisp. He was tired all the time and his muscles were so stiff and sore. In fact, after competing at a Mr. Universe contest, he gained 42 pounds of fat and water in just 11 weeks.

Wade was then invited to a seminar being held by a remarkable doctor who had reportedly healed himself and hundreds of patients from a variety of serious conditions. The doctor was using a specialized protocol of medical-grade enzymes, probiotics, and live amino acids. Wade and Matt decided to take a chance on the doctor’s radical ideas and apply them. In 6 months, Wade had completely healed his body, renewed his energy and vitality levels. Matt dropped over 40 pounds and completely changed his health.

Thereafter, the founders spent a lot of time testing, optimizing, and perfecting the protocols with thousands of clients from around the world. The results were outstanding.

keto supplement
keto supplement

keto supplement
keto supplement

Low lipolytic enzymes
Poor lipolysis
Suppressed fat-burning hormones

All of which leads to reduced fat digestion.


A keto supplement

Do you ever experience digestive issues when you eat high-fat meals? Has your athletic performance taken a dip since you switched over to a keto diet? kApex may just be what you need. This keto supplement is great for those looking to shed fats without losing energy from being on a low-carb diet.

With a great blend of digestive enzymes and other key ingredients, kApex is able to upgrade the way your body and cells function on a Keto diet. Among its benefits include:

Increases your metabolism
Provides better digestion when on a keto diet
Provides sustained energy for 6-10 hours
Maximizes muscle gains and recovery from workouts
Boosts cardiovascular health
Reduces inflammation
Reduces levels of bad cholesterol

The kApex Formula

LIP4 (lipase enzymes)
Breaks down fats you consume into fatty acids
Tri-phase protease
Breaks down protein into amino acids
Gives you sustained energy for 6-10 hours
7-Keto DHEA
Increases your body’s metabolism
Transports fatty acids to the liver

Ubiquinone (CoQ10)
Strengthens your mitochondria (a cell’s powerhouse)
Boosts amino acid absorption into your intestines
Hydrochloric acid
Assists the work of digestive enzymes
Dandelion root
Stimulates bile flow needed for high-fat meals

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: We added LIP4TM blend of 4 lipases to break down the dietary fats you consume and Tri-Phase protease blend to break down the protein you’re eating into absorbable amino acids
ENERGY SUPPLEMENT: kApex contains a patented ingredient called InnoSlim, which transports glucose to your muscles and gives you sustained energy for 6-10 hours
HIGHER METABOLISM: There’s a nutrient called 7 keto-DHEA, which is by far the most expensive ingredient in kApex; it helps to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite
POWERFUL FORMULA: This keto supplement is also made up of betaine HCL which works together with the digestive enzymes, L-Carnitine which transports fatty acids to the liver, and Ubiquinone (CoQ10) which strengthens the mitochondria (a cell’s powerhouse)

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kApex – Keto Supplement – Energy Pills – Contains Digestive Enzymes and 7-Keto DHEA – Increases Metabolism – Breaks Down Fats – 120 Capsules


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