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Dong Quai is comparable to ginseng extract due to its use in Chinese herbal medicine for fatigue, regulating the menstrual cycle, pain management, vitality, and hormone balance. It is considered a blood tonic and contains essential vitamins, including B12, folic acid, folinic acid, nicotinic acid, biotin, and cobalt, which are all known to improve hemoglobin content. It may even help with other common health issues, including inhibited sexual desire in women, liver problems, menopause, menstrual cramps, menstrual disorders, PMS, nerve inflammation, muscle pain, regulating menstruation, and vaginal dryness.

Dong quai has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and has shown no signs of toxicity in any studies. It may affect blood clotting and should not be used with other blood thinners. Pregnant women should not use dong quai. Safety in breastfeeding mothers has not yet been established, and we recommend consulting your doctor before use. Easily add a dose to your morning coffee, juice, tea, smoothie, or any other beverage without sacrificing any of the taste. We use vegetable glycerin because it can bind to certain plant constituents, is natural to the body, is easily absorbed, tastes sweet without affecting blood sugar levels, and acts as a good solvent and carrier for plant nutrients. We use a cold-extraction process for our liquid supplements instead of the heat-extraction processes used for most traditional extracts. This unique process helps maintain the plant’s natural properties in the final product.

All Greenbush detoxification supplements and extracts are produced following good manufacturing practice guidelines and are alcohol-free, concentrated strength, and manufactured in the U.S. Try Greenbush’s extensive line of high-quality, fast-absorbing supplements.
FEMALE SEXUAL HEALTH: Commonly used to address feminine issues such as menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, and even menopause symptoms, this liquid extract is a must-have for women.
ALL-NATURAL: These menopause-support drops are an herbal treatment that is non-GMO, vegan, alcohol-free, and gluten-free, making it suitable for most people with dietary restrictions.
PURE EXTRACT: This highly concentrated, 2:1 ratio, pure extract liquid is raw, alcohol-free, and contains no additives. Cold-extraction liquid supplements are more easily absorbed than capsules.
GREENBUSH: Greenbush Natural Products has been producing pure, unprocessed, and potent herbal extracts since 1997. Our quality supplements have no fillers or additives and are never irradiated or sprayed with pesticides.

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Greenbush Dong Quai Liquid Extract | 4 oz Liquid Extract | Female Sexual Health


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