Chlorophyll Liquid Drops – 130MG Per Serving 2 fl oz


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Looking for a natural solution for boosting your energy levels?

You are about to start your day, feeling eager to get all your tasks done at work. After just a few hours, however, you already feel exhausted and drained. This makes you struggle to get through your busy day.

Taking caffeinated drinks or stimulants can give you a small boost of energy. Sadly, this comes at a price. You end up feeling jittery, tense, or nervous after its energizing effects have worn off.

Power through your day with natural energy from CHICO Chlorophyll Liquid Drops!

Chlorophyll is a plant pigment that absorbs light and turns it into energy. It also delivers similar energizing effects on humans by stimulating red blood cell production. This results in the efficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to all the organs of your body – giving you more energy to use for completing your daily tasks.

Every day, your body deals with external threats and invading contaminants. You can help your body defend against these threats by taking our food supplement. Chlorophyll may help support a healthy immune response against free radicals and unseen contaminants.

Our chlorophyll drops also support your hardworking liver so that it may flush out waste more efficiently. The best part about our liquid chlorophyll drops is that it only contains natural ingredients. Its formula does not contain any additives, sugar, or alcohol.

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🍃 Made and sold only in the USA
🍃 Consult a physician before consumption, especially for anyone pregnant or nursing
🍃 About 30 servings per bottle

Don’t let feelings of tiredness bog you down. Add the CHICO Chlorophyll Liquid Drops to your cart NOW!
🍃 DEFEND AGAINST THREATS – Support your immune system with the help of Mother Nature. Taking our chlorophyll supplements may help bolster your immune defenses against harmful foreign invaders.
🍃 FLUSH OUT WASTE – Assist your body’s cleansing efforts with our food supplement. Chlorophyll may help promote healthy liver function in order to cleanse your bloodstream with more efficiency.
🍃 FRESH-SMELLING BREATH – Do you often find yourself with bad breath even after brushing? Our chlorophyll herbal supplements may help neutralize unwanted internal odors, leading to fresher breath.
🍃 NATURAL IS THE WAY TO GO – Choose a food supplement from a brand that you can trust. These chlorophyll drops are proudly made on American soil using only natural and wild-crafted ingredients.

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Chlorophyll Liquid Drops – 130MG Per Serving 2 fl oz


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