AFC Japan Digestive Ultimate Enzyme Drink -100% Pure 106 Types Vegetables & Fruits Extract, Boost Metabolism, Immunity, Revitalize, Detox, Smooth Bowel, Gas, Bloating & Constipation Relief, 720ml


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Enzymes are essentially the backbone of proper nutrition and digestion. They play a critical role to ensure that foods are digested completely. They are the bio-catalysts for the functioning of many important bodily activities such as digestion, circulation, healing, detoxification and metabolism.

Ultimate Enzyme does not contain any preservatives, added water, thickener or coloring.


The amount of the enzymes in the body is also closely related to the body’s health and rate of ageing. Therefore, the higher the level of enzymes in the body would also mean the healthier we will be.

Poor / Imbalanced diet

Cooking and processing destroy enzymes present in food. Modern diet containing canned food, fast food and processed food do not contain enzymes. As a result, most people are lacking in enzymes, leading to health problems.


The human body makes its own internal enzymes, the amount of which is dependent on genes and age. Our body produces lesser enzymes as we age.


Stressful and hectic lifestyles deplete more enzymes without giving time for our bodies to regenerate worn out and damaged cells and tissues or to keep our body systems strong.


Supports Digestion And Nutrient Absorption

The body’s ability to digest, absorb and utilize nutrients depends on the presence of enzymes. All foods serve little functions in the body until they can be broken down into smaller molecules to be fully absorbed and utilized by the body.


Enzymes are responsible in the removal of old cells that may interrupt your body’s normal metabolic processes. It also helps in digestion of food to prevent undigested food from accumulating in our body. An optimum level of enzyme stores in the body will efficiently remove and counteract waste products.

Alkalinizes Body

An acidic body constitution may leads to a weakened immunity and health. It is important to maintain a slightly alkaline body pH for optimal health. Enzymes help to maintain acid/alkaline balance.

Replenishes Energy

Enzymes help to relieve the burden of vital organs by aiding the breakdown and absorption of food that our body need to remain healthy and energized. By giving your body its maximum ability to absorb nutrients, this helps to elevate and increase one’s physical vitality and energy stores.


Fermentation Process Backed By Strong Heritage

1. Selection of Raw Foods

106 top-quality whole, uncut raw ingredients are carefully selected and prepared.

Chlorine-free water is used to thoroughly wash the ingredients, no chemical detergent is involved.

2. Obtain Extract

Whole foods are placed in fiberglass barrels and fermented using Okinawa brown sugar to achieve better quality and quantity of enzymes.

3. Full Fermentation Of The Extract (1 year)

During the fermentation process, the nutrients give the drink a unique taste and elevate the enzyme levels.

4. Aged Maturation Of The Extract (1 year)

At least 180 days of maturation is required. Enzymes containing abundant essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and active ingredients are collected.

5. Filling, Sterilization And Packaging

Stringent control in filling, sterilisation and packing.

Take Ultimate Enzyme At Anytime of the Day!


100% Pure, Nutritious & Undiluted Enzyme Drink for the Whole Family








Palatable Taste

Natural fermentation and choice of quality raw ingredients contribute to the pleasant taste of AFC Ultimate Enzyme. Even those who do not like vegetables will find AFC Ultimate Enzyme palatable.

Health & Beauty Drink

AFC Ultimate Enzyme aids to:

Clarify skinImprove metabolismSupport detoxificationOverall well-being

Total Wellbeing

Positive Effects of AFC Ultimate Enzyme:

Reduce fatigue levelReduce irritabilityIncreased energyImprove skin radiance & hydration

FERMENTATION PROCESS BACKED BY STRONG HERITAGE: Benefit from the 200 year old Japanese heritage in enzyme nutrition using 2 years fermentation & maturation. The fermentation process uses mineral-rich Okinawa brown sugar. It aids in restoring the body’s natural strength and vigor.
ALL-IN-ONE ENZYME SUPPLEMENT: supports digestion, promotes nutrient absorption, aid detoxification, energises your body, boosts the body’s ability to digest fats, fiber, protein and carbs, helps ease the pain and discomfort caused by diarrhea and other GI disorder, soothes acid reflux and alkalizes body pH.
SUPPORT HEALTHY WEIGHT: It is the perfect companion for dieters as it improves metabolism and can be taken as a meal replacement while giving the body the full nutrition it needs. Supports weight management when combined with a calorie controlled diet and exercise.
FREE FROM preservatives, no added water or juice, thickened or colouring, Suitable for vegan, vegetarian, the whole family, children, kids, adult, men and women.

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AFC Japan Digestive Ultimate Enzyme Drink -100% Pure 106 Types Vegetables & Fruits Extract, Boost Metabolism, Immunity, Revitalize, Detox, Smooth Bowel, Gas, Bloating & Constipation Relief, 720ml


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