Parents seek immunity-boosting, budget-friendly & convenient foods for kids heading back to school

“Last year, kids were home most of the time and thus mealtimes were different from a traditional school year – kids could enjoy more heated meals, leftovers, etc. Less planning was required as kids were home to grab food throughout the day and decide last minute what to eat,​” Allison Delaney, MS, RD, LDN, Stop & Shop Dietitian Program lead, told FoodNavigator-USA.

“Now, with kids back in schools – its back to quick and easy, healthy convenience, no-heat solutions that work well in a lunch box,”​ such as pre-packaged solutions, like Nature’s Promise baby carrots or sliced apples, she said.

Breakfast also will change as students rush to meet the first bell and no longer have time to gather at the table for a meal with their family, Delaney said.

“We don’t anticipate that families will have the time to gather around the table for family breakfasts like they could when everyone was home. It’s back to the grind – routine, simplicity, etc,”​ she said.

As such, it is also back to healthy on-the-go or quick and nutritious breakfast ideas like overnight oats, oatmeal bake, hard boiled eggs, granola bars and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, she said.

Noting that “getting back into routine is harder this year versus years past due to the pandemic forcing many of us to lose our normal routines”​ and kids feeling “sleepy and unmotivated,”​ Delaney said that Stop & Shop Nutrition Partners dietitians are recommending families prepare breakfast the night before.

Parents want immunity-boosting products to protect children too young for the COVID-19 vaccine

In addition to convenience, consumers are looking for immunity-boosting products that they can give their children for breakfast or pack in lunches.

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