‘Our goal is to make cultured meat affordable for everyone…’ Future Meat Technologies opens facility, gears up for 2022 launch

To observers that say a few hundred kilos a day is pretty small fry (given that factories making beef burgers for McDonald’s can churn out 30 million burgers a week), Prof. Nahmias points out that the conventional meat industry has had somewhat longer than the nascent cell-cultured meat industry to build efficiencies and economies of scale, making the fact Future Meat Technologies​ is already “within reach of cost parity with traditional agriculture” ​after just three years a pretty astonishing achievement.

Cultured meat technology is the Apollo program of the 21st century,” ​Nahmias, a professor of bioengineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who says Future Meat is currently in the process of approving its production facility in Rohovet, Israel, with regulatory agencies in multiple territories and “is eyeing several locations in the United States”​ for its projected expansion.

“It required massive efforts of biologists, chemists, engineers and food experts to reduce the cost of cultured meat by over 1,000-fold in just a few years.”

‘We can produce whole cuts of meat, including chicken breast and chops, without using tissue engineered scaffolds’

The first commercial products from Future Meat, which has raised around $43m to date from backers including Tyson Foods, ADM Ventures and S2G Ventures, will likely be a combination of 45-60% cell cultured chicken and lamb and 40-55% plant protein and water, Prof Nahmias told us.

“We don’t believe 100% cell-cultured​ [whole cut] products are commercially viable as muscle contains both cells and an extracellular matrix scaffold. Cellular agriculture can produce cells but requires an edible scaffold to be added either before or after the cell harvest. Thus, all products discussed to date by all leading companies appear to be a blend of plant-based scaffolds and cell-based meat.”

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