Olympic Athletes Vulnerable to Everyday Health Risks

Annie Sparrow, MD, professor of population health, science, and policy, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai.

Leana Wen, public health policy professor, George Washington University.

The Washington Post: “Michael Phelps says Olympians face greater mental health risks. Does the USOPC care?” “Naomi Osaka breaks her silence in new essay, saying her intention ‘was never to inspire revolt,’ ” “Olympians are crying out about their mental health challenges. We should listen.”

Akron Beacon Journal: “Olympic athletes open up about suicide, depression in new doc.”

Time: “Naomi Osaka: ‘It’s O.K. Not to Be O.K.,’ ” “The 100 Most Influential People of 2020,” “Meet 6 Heroes Who Helped Battle COVID-19 Before Competing in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.”

NikkeiAsia.com: “Mental health of athletes becomes concern at pandemic Olympics.”

International Olympic Committee: “Ahead of Naomi Osaka’s Olympic debut, IOC & Osaka unveil inspiring first-person narrative, challenging stereotypes and embracing differences,” “Joint statement by the IOC, IPC, Tokyo 2020, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Government of Japan.”

NHCPS.com: “You Won’t Believe These 10 Athletes With Health Issues.”

Olympics.com: “Tackling mental health in Olympic sport.”

Verywellhealth.com: “10 Famous Olympic Athletes Diagnosed With Cancer.”

Olypica.ca: “Team Canada athletes share their mental health challenges.”

Healthline: “Famous Athletes Who Battled Disease.”

The New England Journal of Medicine: “Protecting Olympic Participants from Covid-19 — The Urgent Need for a Risk-Management Approach.

”CNN: “US health experts say Tokyo Olympics plans not informed by ‘best scientific evidence’ ”

ESPN: “How Olympic marathoner Molly Seidel found a way to run again.”

Running magazine: “Molly Seidel says eating disorder remains a struggle.”

CTV News: “Canadian diver Imbeau-Dulac battled eating disorder ahead of London Olympics.”

WBUR: “The Comeback Story Of Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres.”

IVXhealth.com: “Olympic athletes who compete despite chronic illness.”

Lupus.org: “Shannon Boxx: I want a cure.”

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