Nostalgic flavors, low sugar, and functional health benefits… the meteoric rise of Olipop

Targeting consumers seeking low sugar beverages with functional benefits and a more accessible flavor profile than kombucha, Olipop​​​ is now in around 6,000+ stores including Sprouts, Whole Foods, Safeway, Wegmans, and Kroger, and in tests in selected Target and 7-Eleven stores as it expands its presence in new channels.

If everything comes together, we should be somewhere in that 8-10,000 door range by the end of the year​,” added Goodwin, who said Olipop has raised “north of $20m​” to date and will be wrapping up a series B round later this year, “which will take us to profitability​.”

E-commerce… from $35k a month to $1m+

The e-commerce side of the business, meanwhile, has taken off like a rocket ship, said Goodwin, who hired Randy Anderson, VP supply chain (previously at Harmless Harvest and Plum Organics) ​early last year to help grow this side of the business.

And judging by the numbers, it paid off big time. In February 2020, Olipop was generating e-commerce sales of around $35k a month. Today, he said, “It’sdoing a million plus per month, and we’re hoping to double that, again, by the time we get into next year, so that’s a good chunk of the overall business.

“Our goal is to direct as much​ [online traffic] onto our own direct to consumer platform​ as we can offer subscriptions, people are more likely to sign up for emails, and we’ve got a better kind of line of communication with our customers, so we send out surveys, we ask people what flavors they want next.

“We’ve also got a text platform which has a really high conversion rate – 15 to 20% conversion – and it’s very cost effective.”

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