Networking platform Brandjectory levels-up with two tier model that meets startups at their level

The fast-growing networking site, which launched last summer​ as a “Facebook for young brands and investors”​ in the natural products space, is ready to level-up after welcoming close to 200 users to its platform and 45 investors. And it wants to help its members level up, too.

Which is why the platform, originally designed as a single-tier community platform where startups could tout their accomplishments to potential investors through their profile pages, is moving to a two-tier subscription system with access to a library of educational materials, business development templates, events and news tailored to members’ development stage and goals.

“We received so much good input from people in the last year, both from investors and founders, about what they need to ensure brands are really prepared to reach out to investors. And we are using that to add services that will help founders better construct their profiles, understand their strengths … and prepare to interact with investors,”​ Brandjectory co-founder Tom Malengo told FoodNavigator-USA.

He explained that the basic plan will target startups in the earliest stages and focus on the fundamentals of building a business, early stage fundraising – such as friends and family, bootstrapping strategies, how to find and win grants and breaking down investment basics, like term sheets, portable notes, and dilution.

This information will be available through articles, webinars, blogs, podcasts and the Brandjectory Brand Founder Community, he said.

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