‘It’s a dumpster fire…’ Firms report ‘unprecedented shortage and increased costs and lead times’ for erythritol, allulose

Rare sugar allulose – which is found naturally in a variety of plants, but is produced commercially via a multi-step process typically starting with corn starch – has gained significant traction over the past year, with some high-profile brands from Chobani to Kellogg’s using the low-cal sweetener in new launches.​ 

However, there are only a handful of producers, including Tate & Lyle​​​;  Ingredion/Matsutani​​​; Korean firms CJ CheilJedang​​​ and Samyang Corp​​​; and Chinese firms (where products coming into the US are subject to a hefty tariff) including Shandong Bailong Chuangyuan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd​​​ and Shandong Baolingbao Biotechnology Co., ltd​​​ with supplies of crystalline allulose in particularly short supply.

One industry source told us this week: “We have plenty of allulose syrup, but as far as crystalline goes, that market has totally dried up… It has been a dumpster fire and looks like it will continue to be for the next 4-6 months.”

Tate & Lyle: ‘We aim to produce more, as quickly as we can’

Tate & Lyle, which manufactures liquid and crystalline allulose from its site in Loudon, Tennessee, told us this week that, “Due to the huge current demand, we are only making firm commitments to customers when we can commit to reliable supply – this timing differs for liquid and crystalline.”

Abigail Storms, global head of sweeteners, said: “We have increased our production of allulose syrup and are working actively with numerous customers to formulate with our ingredient. Our syrup in particular provides a very clean taste profile and is being used in beverages, dairy, confectionery, and nutrition bars as well as many other successful launches.

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