How SodaStream, Rockstar & CytoSport are shaping the future beverage portfolio

Speaking in last week’s Q2 earnings call, CEO Ramon Laguarta updated analysts on how the company’s plans for the three brands – acquired in 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively – are faring: and revealed what they tell us about the future direction of PepsiCo’s beverage portfolio.

SodaStream: ‘A future consumption model we’re betting on’

PepsiCo bought SodaStream for $3.2bn in 2018: taking on the brand which allows people to make their own sparkling drinks at home in a customized fashion, eliminating the need for plastic bottles to package the drink. It is, says Laguarta, an important brand because it represents a ‘future consumption model we’re betting on’.

Why? Simply put: “It’s great in terms of consumer personalization of the product and obviously better for the planet,”​ says Laguarta.

Laguarta says the brand is performing ahead of PepsiCo’s initial expectations: but that there is still a lot of opportunity for the brand to grow in terms of geographies globally and wider product offer.

“The SodaStream business has a very solid penetration in Europe. And also in the US, we’re gaining a lot of household penetration in the US.

“The latest thing we’re doing – and it’s working quite well – is putting some of our large beverage brands into the SodaStream consumption model. In the US, we started with bubly. bubly drops​ are working very, very well as an enhancer of the SodaStream experience, and we continue to push that combination of the bubly flavors and the SodaStream sparkling water experience.”

In growing the brand, there’s also the chance to gain insights relevant to the rest of the business, adds Laguarta.

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