How do consumers think about sustainability when buying groceries?

According to the research​ conducted by The Hartman Group, consumer interest in sustainably produced products underwent a “notable shift” in 2019 at which point 51% of shoppers said they purchased sustainable products because they were better for the environment – up 19 percentage points from 32% just two years earlier. At the same time, The Hartman Group found 63% of the population felt government and large companies should address waste and pollution and 46% wanted them to address climate and energy.

But setting sustainability goals and succinctly communicating progress towards those goals in a consumer-friendly fashion that can benefit the bottom line isn’t easy – especially when consumer engagement, understanding and passion about the topic are spread across a broad spectrum. Which is why in this episode of FoodNavigator-USA’s Soup-To-Nuts podcast we take a closer look with The Hartman Group at how consumers are prioritizing environmental sustainability, what is driving their interest in the issue and how one brand – Moonshot Snacks​ — is talking about climate-change to build better businesses and a better future.

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How are grocery shoppers prioritizing sustainability?

While The Hartman Group’s biannual sustainability and transparency research, most recently released in 2019, already shows consumer interest in environmental sustainability ticking up, the research firm’s senior vice president Shelley Balanko predicts the pandemic will further accelerate consumer interest in climate change and support for companies and brands that proactively address and strive to improve it.

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