Honey Mama’s brings chilled cocoa truffle bars to Whole Foods stores nationwide

Founder Christy Goldsby created the original recipe for Honey Mama’s in 2013, selling her wares at the Portland State Farmers Market in inventive flavors including lavender rose (the brand’s current #1 selling SKU), Peruvian raw, and ginger cardamom.

Noticing increased consumer demand for premium chocolate, Goldsby explained the concept and targeted market white space for Honey Mama’s was to create something that was both decadent and nourishing for consumers.

Chocolate perceptions and purchase drivers

Consumer research fielded by Cargill​ in February 2021 surveying 600 US grocery shoppers, uncovered that aside from being an indulgent treat, chocolate may have a larger role to play in the better-for-you foods category. According to the company’s findings, nearly seven in ten consumers surveyed associated chocolate with health benefits, while 52% perceived it as healthy. 

“The way that we view our bars is that we’re essentially the category pioneer that’s bridging the wellness bar and the chocolate bar ​​[categories]. It’s a chocolate confection experience with all the wonderful health benefits that you get from wellness bars,”​​ Goldsby previously told FoodNavigator-USA.

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