‘Full spectrum CBD’ means being honest about the THC content, manufacturer says

Jim Higdon is co founder and chief communication officer of Cornbread Hemp, a manufacturer based near Louisville.  The company offers daytime and nighttime liquid products, gummies, capsules and pet products.

Higdon took the name of his company from a book he wrote during a former career as a journalist.  The book detailed the activities of the so-called Cornbread Mafia, a group of renegade marijuana growers centered in Kentucky that operated in the 70s and 80s and created the largest single illegal grow operation in US history.  All told 70 individuals were indicted as a result of the scheme.

Hard questions around hemp

Higdon said digging into the mafia’s exploits gave him a taste for dealing with hard questions that others would like to sweep under the rug.

“I  grew up in central Kentucky where this all happened. I got into this industry as a story teller and reporter.  After completing my education at Columbia Journalism School I decided to come home to write this story,”​ Higdon told NutraIngredients-USA.

“It was a topic that no one wanted to talk about, but there were copious amounts of government documents about it,”​ he said.

Higdon then transitioned into covering cannabis politics and policies before starting up his own manufacturing company.  He said part of the motivation was what he saw happen in the marketplace after the 2018 federal Farm Bill opened the floodgates by removing the whole Cannabis sativa plant from the Drug Enforcement Agency’s schedule one list of controlled substances.  (Delta-9 THC, the psychoactive fraction, is still on the list.)

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