‘For last mile delivery, we’ve done a bunch of experimentation in the last year…’

We have a group called new business ventures that’s focused on things like direct to consumer, last mile delivery and other growth opportunities,” ​said Cash.

So one thing we’re looking at is how do we meet consumers in places where they’ve started going more, so gaming is one that’s really top of mind; think about the rise of consumers on platforms like Twitch over the last 12 to 18 months. So we’ve got brands like Hot Pockets that are huge in terms of the snacking space and particularly when you think about gaming.  

“We ran an initiative called ‘Pockets for Bits​’ where consumers could take a picture of their Hot Pockets receipt and earn points they could redeem on​ [live streaming platform for gamers] Twitch ​[Twitch Bits].

“The program was a huge success for the Hot Pockets brand, generating over 1 million combined hours of watch-time on Twitch, a +41% lift in brand mentions on social media, +14% lift in unaided awareness, and a 36% conversion rate (far outpacing traditional couponing programs). Additionally, the program was recognized across the industry winning 7 Shorty Awards, a Bronze Reggie Award, and is a finalist for The One Show awards as well.

“We’re also thinking about how to integrate other brands into that ​[gaming] occasion a little bit more but do it in a way that’s really authentic.”


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