Crafty Counter gears up for launch of Wundereggs, billed as the first plant-based RTE boiled eggs

Wundereggs​ – which will be sold in snack packs featuring two ‘eggs’ – are treated with high pressure processing (HPP), giving them a refrigerated shelf-life of 90-120 days, and contain a plant-based egg ‘white’ featuring nuts and agar, and ‘yolks’ made with nuts, turmeric and black salt.

We’re using a proprietary process and so we’re filing a provisional patent on that,” ​said founder Hema Reddy, who worked to keep the ingredients list as short as possible, featuring ingredients consumers can recognize and pronounce (see box below), with an SRP of around $5 for two ‘eggs,’ although pricing has not yet been finalized.

Saturated fat levels in the cholesterol-free products are around the same as regular eggs, while version one of the Wunderegg also contains slightly more calories and less protein than chicken eggs. However, Crafty Counter​ is looking at how to increase protein levels without compromising  taste, texture or the brand’s clean label credentials, Reddy told FoodNavigator-USA.

While Wundereggs do not contain many of the nutrients found in chicken eggs such as choline, lutein, zeaxanthin, selenium and vitamin B12, later iterations could also incorporate additional nutrients, said Reddy.   

Wundereggs v1 ingredient list: ​Water, cashews, almonds, probiotics*, coconut milk, less than 2% of nutritional yeast, organic turmeric extract, agar, black salt

*specific strain not yet finalized as the firm works to ensure the microorganism will not be negatively impacted by the HPP process

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