Comet Bio closes $22m Series C as it gears up to commercialize prebiotic arabinoxylan, the ‘Cadillac of fibers’

“We will now be able to invest in a dedicated manufacturing facility to grow the supply of our upcycled ingredients​,” said CEO Rich Troyer, who noted that there has been a surge of interest in prebiotic fibers over the past 12-18 months.

We have seen firsthand the growing consumer demand for ingredients that address gut health and sugar reduction.”

In addition, “every single food company we’re talking to is looking to reduce food system waste,”​ added Troyer, ​who said Comet Bio can use upcycled feedstocks from corn stover and brewer’s spent grains to wheat straw, soybean hulls and other crop leftovers as its source materials to make dietary fibers and sweeteners.

He told FoodNavigator-USA: “Our current supply chain relies on pilot and contract manufacturing facilities where we produce commercial batches on a campaign basis.  These volumes have been sufficient to meet our customer needs thus far.  The new investment represents a significant increase in commercial volume because it will be a dedicated facility capable of supporting the growing demand from customers.  We are finalizing agreements and will be announcing more details about this production facility soon.”

‘There is a molecular weight range within arabinoxylan that you can fine tune ​to deliver different health benefits’

The new dedicated production facility – which will begin by using wheat straw as its key source material – will incorporate Comet Bio’s patented upcycling technology, which allows it to extract the prebiotic fiber arabinoxylan​ [classified by the FDA as a dietary fiber and marketed by Comet Bio as ‘Arrabina​’] from a variety of sources of hemicellulose, added Troyer.

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