Americans seeking ‘achievable wellness moments’ increasingly open to nutrition for health care

Over the past year, as consumers navigated the threat of the coronavirus and COVID-19, their focus on health and wellness has accelerated so that one in three Americans 17 years and older report doing more now than last year to support their overall health and wellness, according to a recent survey conducted by IRI .

In the point of view report, The Evolution of Self-Care, IRI adds that nearly 70% of Americans do something to support their health and wellness several days a week or more – boosting the average household spend on health care products in 2020 by $55, which represents a $325mn opportunity in 2021, if maintained.

Historically, much of this would have gone to traditional over-the-counter products, including drugs and supplements, but now IRI reports consumers are looking for self-care solutions that include preventive measures. They are expanding beyond these options to embrace an ‘all-encompassing, holistic foundation for wellness,”​ making more room for foods, beverages, specialty supplements and other products that support preventive health.

Achievable wellness ‘moments’

“The evolution of self-care has been fueled by a wide variety of factors, many of which had their start prior to the pandemic, but have been wildly accelerated because of it,”​ IRI reports.

These factors include a more “snackable” approach to self-care in which consumers have abandoned their all-or-nothing mindset “to embrace achievable wellness ‘moments,’”​ according to the report.

This is giving way to a “growing openness to trying new or different ways of supporting wellness that will ultimately impact many conventional health care categories,”​ IRI adds.

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