1 in 4 global consumers used probiotics in last 6 months

Demand for probiotics is growing as consumers continue to make digestive health a priority, according to a global survey by Kerry, the company behind the probiotic BC30 (Bacillus coagulans​ GBI-30, 6086).

Kerry’s survey was carried out online in January 2021 and included over 13,000 consumers across 16 countries, including Australia (n=805), Brazil (n=804),China (n=808), Colombia (n=803), France (n=801),Germany (n=805),India (n=801), Indonesia (n=805),Italy (n=804), Japan (n=805),Mexico (n=804), South Korea (n=806), Spain (n=802),Thailand (n=809), UK (n=808), and US (n=1002).

Key findings

They found that globally, 47% of respondents were aware of probiotics or cultures, up from 42% in 2019, when the survey was last conducted. Awareness was particularly high in Latin America (63%) and North America (61%).

The survey also found that 25% had used a product containing probiotics over the past six months – up from 21% in 2019. A further 44% would consider doing so, up from 40% in 2019. Usage was particularly high in China and Mexico, where just under half of the respondents in Mexico reported using a product containing probiotics over the past six months, followed by Mexico, coming in at 42%.

The survey suggests that breakfast food and beverages are the most closely associated with digestive health. For example, 40% of overall respondents said they would be interested in purchasing yogurts containing ingredients with digestive health benefits. Many other categories were also strongly associated with digestive health, including fruit and vegetable juices (31%), dairy-based drinks (31%) and breakfast cereal / granola (28%).

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